Singles League Week 2 & 3 Report

Andrew Garnett Beats Rich Ammonds 2-1

Andrew Garnett Beats Rich Ammonds 2-1

Snooker matches have continued down at the Crucible over the last couple ofweeks,  with a few surprises along the way. In the 1st Division we had the newly promoted Mark Brooker up against Steve Webber, against all odds Mark came away the victor with a 2-1 win, after a couple of close frames at 1-1, Mark took the last frame 68 – 40 to secure a big win.

Another victor was Andrew Garnett beating Rich Ammonds 2-1,  Rich only found his form in the last frame. Up there with the surprises was Sean Galligan’s win against against Lee Prickman again 2-1, Sean stole the first, not a chance in the second as Lee hit  25 & 47 breaks but then had the run of the balls and managed to sneak it in the end on a black ball decider.

Chris Shimidzu could not hold on to Mukesh Bahkru as Mukesh secured the only 3-0 result of the round, the match closer than the score line suggests.  Other results included a 2-1 win for Andrew Olivero against an old rival Francis Becerra and  Jeremy Gomez hitting  back after his defeat with Lee to secure a good win against Ernest Clinton a Again 2-1.

The following week, week 3 found some of the defeated players hitting back with a vengeance, Lee Prickman beating Francis Becerra 3-0 and Rich Ammonds beating Andrew Olivero 2-1.  The pick of the results was the match between Steve Webber and Mukesh Bakhru.  After suffering a surprise defeat the week before and an untidy opener, Steve hit a 65 break in the second frame  and completed a 3-0 win in taking the last frame of the night.  This break enough to top Sean’s 60 break on the opening night, well done.

Ernest Clinton came out the winner in match that really could of gone either way when he played Chris Shimidzu, Ernest taking the first easily, the second frame finished with a black ball and went Chris’s way 73-72, the last frame and match was taken as Ernest won 53-43.   After the heroics of the week before Mark Brooker put up a good fight but was unable to hold on to Andrew Garnett in the first two frames but secured another point as he lost 2-1.  The last of the results for the round was Sean Galligan’s 3-0 win over Jeremy Gomez,  opportunities kept falling to Sean and he was taking them. At times the balls just ran the way of the victor, leaving little for Jeremy to chase.

Dennis Ballester Makes it 3 Wins Out of 3 in Division Two

Dennis Ballester Makes it 3 Wins Out of 3 in Division Two

 The 2nd Division is also well under way, matches have been a little disrupted as a few players have been on international duties with the Pool Association in Malta.  On with the results, Patrick Gabay off to a good start with 3-0 wins against James Neish and Harrish Viroomal.

Dennis Ballester continues his winning form beating David Benady and Freddie Poggio, both 2 frames to 1, sharing the lead at the top of the table with Patrick.   David had beaten Freddie earlier in the week 2-1 to secure his first snooker victory and Freddie himself managed a 3-0 win when he played Harry Ward.   Harry was also the victim of Chris Nunez, losing 2-1,  This win for Chris got him off the mark having lost the previous week to Med Rowing Club rival Peter Valarino 3-0.  Adrian Holmes completes the results for the moment with a 2-1 win against Harish Viroomal.

The League should be back to full strength next week, which in turn means matches have been extended to Mondays to cover demand.


Sean Galligan

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