Single’s League Week 20 Report

Mukesh Bakhru Hold's Second Position in the League

Mukesh Bakhru Hold’s Second Position in the League

As we see the last week for division one come to an end we see little change at the top of the league, although there are some outstanding matches still to be played and this could be vital to the finishing positions.

Lee Prickman holds a commanding lead at the top spot after his 3-0 win over Mukesh Bakrhu. Mid table saw Sean Galligan pip Andrew Garnett to a 2-1 win after losing the fist frame. Some other of the games in division one were rearranged due to the Easter holidays.

Wins for Freddy Poggio against Chris Nunez, Calvin Juriansz v Dennis Ballester and David Benady over Kyle Dixon in division two although this does not change the top position as James Neish’s win over Harrish Viroomal secures he’s first place……..for now!

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