Coaching & Tuition

Coaching By Lee Prickman

Lee Prickman – Official Coach for GBSA

Love Snooker?

Want to improve your game and play better snooker? Beat your friends or just win more often?

We believe that the better you play snooker the more you will enjoy it!

If you are interested in improving any aspect of your game, snooker coaching is now available to all age groups.

All levels of experience undertaken, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player the coaching sessions will be adapted to your ability and learning pace giving everyone a unique and individual experience.

Snooker coaching is offered on an individual or pair basis and small groups of four for juniors.

Coaching is divided into sessions and covers every aspect of the game from simple stance, cueing and timing techniques through to advanced cue ball control, Shot selection and competitive match-play.

Whatever you are looking for to improve your snooker experience you will find it here.

Lee has more than twenty five years snooker and coaching experience including the psychology of snooker/sport.

To learn more or to book your coaching sessions please email us at